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Louisville KY Water Remediation

Louisville KY Water Remediation Company

A fire disaster can lead to water flooding in a basement due to the efforts of firefighters to extinguish the flames. The large amounts of water used can seep into the ground and find its way into the basement through cracks or openings. Additionally, the heat from the fire can cause pipes to burst, further contributing to the flooding. This unexpected consequence highlights the importance of being prepared for various scenarios during a fire emergency.

When Disaster Strikes, Call the Mitigator

Water remediation involves the process of cleaning, drying, and restoring properties affected by water damage. Insurance companies will work with The King’s Mitigator because we specialize in water remediation to quickly and effectively address these issues. We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove water, dry affected areas, and prevent mold growth. By partnering with The King’s Mitigator, insurance companies can expedite the restoration process and minimize further damage, ultimately saving time and money for all parties involved.

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Premium Siding Installers

The King’s Mitigator has extensive professional knowledge of the top siding installers in the area. In fact, the contractors used by the “top professionals” are anything but. Believe us – if you want a secure home you want an honest contractor.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Over the many years as an insurance adjuster, inspector and general contract specialist, Jeremiah Leroy has maintained a solid reputation thanks to his contacts that manufacture stellar gutter products, services, and customer care.

Extensive Knowledge & Contacts

Competitors will say they offer the same product, and they may, but they do not have the same contacts as the King’s Mitigator – providing us an edge when it comes to high-end siding installation materials.

Roofing Warranty You Can Rely On

Many siding installation companies and general contractors play the blame game. We don’t do that. We honor our word. The King’s Mitigator wants you to get the most out of your investment, that is why your siding insulation system is protected with a warranty that provides a 25+ years of security.

Why Choose The King’s Mitigator?

  • Highly Knowledgable Staff We have extensive experience dealing with Insurance clams and working on construction projects.
  • IICRC Certified These certifications designate that we are certified to perform certain inspection and water damage services in compliance with industry standards.
  • Specialists in Xactimate Our Staff is highly trained to use Xactimate, the program used by insurance companies to estimate damage.