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It is only a matter of time before a small water damage incident turns into a large disaster. Please consult a water damage mitigation specialist as soon as possible. Water is designed to be the most important and crucial element of the universe. It has the capability of seeping in to the smallest of cracks as well as destroying the hardest of surfaces. The prevention of water damage is one of the most important things you can do. It will save you from financial hardship and keep your home healthier.

The Various Ways How Water Damage Happens

How Small is Water?

Water is 1-million times smaller than a piece of hair… To give you an idea as how small that is, break a centimeter in to 10-million parts and 1 of those parts is 1 nanometer. Water is 0.275 nanometer in diameter. Water has the ability to get into whatever crevice it wants to.

Water has Three Different Forms

We all know that water is a liquid, solid and gas. Knowing this, water has the ability to get into a home or business just based on the temperature of the environment. For instance, wood has moisture properties to it. There is an acceptable level of moisture in a piece of wood before it becomes too moist. If the wood becomes too moist, then mold will begin to grow.

How Water Can Get Into Your Home or Commercial Building

Because water is incredibly small and can enter your home in various ways either as a liquid, sold or gas, we need to understand how vulnerable your residential or commercial property is. The graphic below shows you the most common entry points where water damage can occur.

Infographic on How Water Damage Happens

Why Choose The King’s Mitigator?

  • Highly Knowledgable Staff We have extensive experience dealing with Insurance clams and working on construction projects.
  • IICRC Certified These certifications designate that we are certified to perform, water, fire and mold mitigation in compliance with industry standards.
  • Specialists in Xactimate Our Staff is highly trained to use Xactimate, the program used by insurance companies to estimate damage.

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