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Trees have been designed to be one of the most incredible and powerful forces of nature. On average, a tree can absorb more than 40-pounds of carbon dioxide and produce over 250-pounds of oxygen each year. Tree’s capture the largest amount of the sun’s energy in nature and convert water, carbon dioxide and nutrients in the soil into food. A tree will not grow larger than what the trunk and branches can support… but occasionally a tree will fall and when it falls, the devastating power of its branches and trunk can smash through almost anything…

If a tree is growing sideways out of the soil, or is dead, you may want to remove it before it collapses. If the tree collapses on your home it will destroy the roof and structure of your home and more importantly can be life threatening. Sometimes, with high winds and the right environmental factors a tree can fall over no matter the situation.

Most Common Reasons why Trees Fall

How Trees Fall

If you have a tree that has fallen or needs to be removed call the Kings Mitigator in Indiana 812-850-1290 or Kentucky 502-830-3737 for affordable tree removal service that can get the tree, branches and root out of the dirt in a fast and efficient manner.

Infographic of How Mold Grows

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  • Highly Knowledgable Staff We have extensive experience dealing with Insurance clams and working on construction projects.
  • IICRC Certified These certifications designate that we are certified to perform, water, fire and mold mitigation in compliance with industry standards.
  • Specialists in Xactimate Our Staff is highly trained to use Xactimate, the program used by insurance companies to estimate damage.

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