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Dangerous Flood in Louisville KY Around the Corner

Oct 1, 2019 | News

The Future Flood in Louisville KY Will Be Worse Than Katrina

  • Catastrophic river flood would affect over 200,000 residents
  • Estimated cost of property damage ranges between $30-35 billion dollars
  • Energy, transportation, schools and hospitals are most at risk
  • Climate Change or Bad Infrastructure Will Cause the Future Flood in Louisville Kentucky?

    Whether you believe climate change is responsible for weather anomalies or that our environment is going through a normal phase… the infrastructure in Louisville KY is old and outdated. The wear and tear on Louisvilles 29-mile flood protection system is the largest in the country. The system protects over 200,000 people, 87,000 homes and over $24 billion in property. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the system after the flood of 1937 and 1945

    That means the system has been used to distribute flood water for almost 70-years. Water is not just lofty, soft and delicate molecule. It is a force designed to be incredibly powerful.

    “Even the concrete inside the building (the flood walls) is, I mean you can dig your fingers into it an inch deep, it’s just, you know, it’s just really bad,” says Metropolitan Sewer District flood protection supervisor Dane Anderson about the Paddy’s Run Pump Station, near Rubbertown.

    Flood Protection Supervisor J.P. Carsone said, “I can tell you the impacts to Louisville would be worse than what Hurricane Katrina was to New Orleans… And that’s not me just trying to scare people, that opinion is shared by the people working on this plan.”

    The Critical Repair and Reinvestment Plan will cost taxpayers more than $4.3 billion over the next two-decades. A large portion of the sewer under Broadway in the heart of Louisville is made of brick. Bricks begin to unravel after one or two bricks fail. That means the largest part of Louisville’s flood infrastructure will fail upon a major flood.

    To see the extent of damage Louisville faces, please look at the reported infrastructure cave-ins to date.

    How Can You Protect Your Home or Business Against The Future Flood of Louisville?

    FEMA has a table of the average cost of flood damage to homes and it is catastrophic. For a small 1,000 square foot home under 1-inch of water it will cost a little under $10,000 in property damage and $1,300 in personal property. The cost only goes up from there!

    The KING’S Mitigator is here to help you mitigate the damage and reduce damage. We are uniquely qualified professionals who have worked in construction, flood planning and with insurance companies for over 10-years. Our water damage remediation specialists will evaluate your home, find the vulnerable areas your structure is facing and give you a comprehensive and detailed plan on what you can do to protect yourself against the future flood of Louisville KY.

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