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Fire is not just designed to provide us heat during the winter but is meant to break down organic material to provide nutrients for the soil that produces food for plants, flowers and vegetables. To give you an idea of how powerful fire is, let us look at the symbiotic relationship it has with nature. Without fire to provide nutrients for the soil, plants would not grow. Without plants, bees would not have food and can not pollinate crops. Without bees, there would be no food. Without food, humans and animals would cease to exist.

Fire is extremely powerful. Your home or commercial building is a pot of fuel for fire because it is built and furnished with organic material such as wood, cellulose insulation, oils, waxes, etc. Your home can be engulfed in flames in less than 5-minutes. The Kings Mitigator can help you prevent fire and smoke damage to your home or business by reducing serious risk factors.

How Fires are Started in the Home

Fire only needs 2 things to ignite

Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and the organic materials we spoke about above. For instance, if the wood structure of your home gets heated to its ignition temperature, a fire will begin. For instance, if a magnifying glass is held above a piece of wood and the light from the sun is concentrated on that wood, within a matter of seconds the wood will start to burn. Now, think about your home or business that has kitchen appliances…. There are many risk factors to ignite a fire in your home or business in a matter of seconds…. Call the Kings Mitigator in Indiana 812-850-1290 or Kentucky 502-830-3737 and we will reduce these risks with a complete evaluation and mitigation report.

Infographic of How Mold Grows

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  • Highly Knowledgable Staff We have extensive experience dealing with Insurance clams and working on construction projects.
  • IICRC Certified These certifications designate that we are certified to perform, water, fire and mold mitigation in compliance with industry standards.
  • Specialists in Xactimate Our Staff is highly trained to use Xactimate, the program used by insurance companies to estimate damage.

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